Memories on my First Three Months 2010

National Service:
4 January - 11 March

I was selected!This is my inform letter. I was posted to Kem Bagai Budi Sandakan.
Thanks God cause I was selected! At least I wasn't boring staying home
waiting for the SPM result and the college approval (about 6 month)

My Block in the camp
The Spica : My block
"The brightest star in the costellation of Virgo,
and the 15th brightest star in night time sky"

Early Days In The Camp

In my early days in the camp, I feel lonely and tired.
Depressed and tension.
I still cannot suit myself to the new atmosphere,
being just like an army.
Uh-oh. It took time...

So I tried to kill those feeling away
by doing some artwork to design my block

My Buddies in the Block
Thira, ema, fara, tiqa, archna, bia,
Mila, elly, nida, ni, fiona, ayu, piqa,
teng, julie, ryana, lina, ana, ha, nina
baby,clarice, aqma, yan
... I miss you all...

Especially my Warden
Cikgu WaWa

My Company : Rentap
Rentap, a well known warrior in Sarawak

3 other group are Mahsuri (red), Hang Jebat (yellow)
Hang Tuah (Green). We got the third place after Mahsuri
at the first place and Hang Jebat at the second place

Kembara HalanganWe got the first place!

Wea Weo Wati Rentap (hey!)
Semangat Kami (hey!)
Wati Rentap!
Wea Weo Panji Biru (hey!)
Semangat Kami Membara di Dada
Sebagai Bukti
Membara Satu Suara
Cogan Kata Kami
Kami Sedia Berkhidmat
Untuk Negara Kami....

My hair stand every time we sing this yell!
hahaha. I love my company very much!

Sport Water

Visiting Day : Sunday
I love Sunday
Everybody Love Sunday
The Day We Meet Our Family

With mom
Kak Finie

Awesome Friends Along My Days In The Camp
"I miss you guys"
Nur Syarah Izzati Mohd Yussof - Scha (huh, what a long name!)
Farhana Azahar - Far

This is Far
's very talented
She can write a novel or even a poem
She speak English very fluently (I impressed!)
She hate grammar error!
(p/s: If there's any grammar error in my blog
feel free to correct me! I'm still learning... :P)

This is SchaVery friendly person
She is a happy go lucky person
yet she can be the most serious among us
when the situation need to be so
She like to bully me sometime =="

I am very proud to be a wirawati
Thanks Malaysia cause
making such a wonderful and worth program!


  1. Kem Bagai Budi Sandakan...huhuhu I think I'm gonna miss that place so much!! hahahaha..KUMPULAN 1 SIRI 3 2006 ..

  2. whoa... u r the ex-wati of KBBR too! nice to know you.
    yea... i miss every moment there :(

  3. oops.. sory. btw, i have recognize u know :) u r my sis fren .