19 May : I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane


After spending almost 3 months in Sabah, Borneo 
doing nothing but SLEEP, EAT, ONLINE...
The day I waited finally come.
I have to leave my hometown
to further my study in Kuala Lumpur
for a year.

Night Flight to KL

I fly on 6.20 PM from
Sandakan Airport
to Kuala Lumpur
International Airport

Its quite boring in the plane!
Spending 2 hours beside an old silent woman on my left,
sitting at the middle seat with no one on my right
and looking nothing but dark view from the window
Thats suck...

I checked the pocket in front of my seat for the flight mag, 
Going Places

Looking through the articles...hm...about interest places...tourism...
I closed the mag. tried to sleep
ugh... (again) very cold! I can't sleep!
open again the mag...hm...
I found an interesting article

Well, its about some stunning
winning shot of the Sony
World Photography Award 2009
Sound interesting.
I like to see beautiful photos
Let see some of 'em...

Sorry because the photos aren't very clear and detail
I just took these pictures in the mag by camera

Title: The Perfect Landing
This is endangered species doing its landing.
Look at its body...whoa..so poor..
This is human hands.

Title: Surfing the net in the
middle of nowhere...
No way. This is awesome!
Hahaha! this photo really
tickled me =D

Title: Shanghai
A half constructed house is
juxtaposed against towering
condominium blocks in China's
most modern city

Title: Free fall
Okay, this is totally stunning!
You can see clearly the motion
of the water! Wow...

Dinner Time!

"Seafood with rice
and orange juice, please."
hm... seafood is less cholesterol
and healthier than the sweet
sour chicken (also in the menu)

and this is how the seafood look like
OMG... sambal udang...
Damn hot! very spicy! :(
I can't stand 'em.
I'm not enjoy my dinner...!
(I wonder how could they serve such
a damn hot and spicy dish for the foreigner?)

Finally, I arrived at the KLIA sharp 9.35 PM...
Alhamdulillah! =)
Hello KL.
Goodbye Sabah.
Mom, Dad, Kak Tasha, Kak Finie, Datul, Fizul, Granma


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