21 May : Home Alone

In KL, I stay at my sis house before register to my college
This is my sis house
9th floor out of 11th
whoah... scary

The view from the balcony.
I can only see houses...hills..
electrical substations...
This place is still underdeveloping
I wonder how the postman could send thousands of mails
to all the houses without sending to the wrong address
Just let it switched on without watching it.
Epi, my cousin went back to her hostel last night
after spending a week holiday at my sis house.
She used to companied me yesterday at home
when Kak Ita and Abang Adi go to work.But today,
No one in the home today except me.
Kak Ita and Abang Adi will back around 5 PM something.
Home Alone...
Spending my time
in front of the PC
most of the time.
'He' must be queasy
looking at my face

I swept the floor,
ate chocolate,
watch TV ........

Thinking of what I can do next.......
Then I found this book at my sis room

An A-Z GUIDE to safe and healthy eating
by Reader Digest
This book look interesting...
Let's see what I can share with you inside...
Geez, give me time to read it.
See you at the next post! :)


  1. Nice shoot! Cool post! Scary house! I only can stand in a place full with greens and trees.

    read that book iza..and stop eating junks from their ref, or else u gonna be fat as em..uhu

  2. kak ita house is very peaceful...greeny place u know..
    hahaha no time to read...
    I only have read A-C!
    geez wtv.. =="

  3. mintapuji pulak kamu 2orang ni...;p

  4. uina...komen pa la tu. -_-"
    kak ita lae ni kali xD