My Hobby 1#

This is one of my favorite hobby.
I start to love this hobby since I was 13 years old (2005).
That was the time my dad bought our first digital camera
An ordinary PowerShot A400 .

When I was 13, I don't know anything about the art of photography.
I thought, camera is only use to capture people faces or any event
Just for remembrance. Not more than that.
Then one day, I saw a beautiful sunrise and thinking
to capture it by my dad camera.
I am very fascinated with the photo I took
I can't believe, I can took a beautiful sunrise like in a drawing
Then, I realize...
Camera is not just a gadget. Its create an art.
And that is how it started....
My First Photo

I start to take many photos
as I can almost everyday!
I become addicted. I even willing to
woke up early morning
just to take the pictures of sunrise
I will feel sad, if I miss a sunrise.

These are some of my early
collection photos on sunrise

I love this most....

If u realize, the location of all this photo is same!
You can see palm tree, coconut tree, and teak tree in every photo
Well, this is where the sun rises everyday at my house
I love my home. This place was very beautiful!
But now I already moved away from this place.
I miss this place so much :(

Beside the sunrise, I also collected the view of sunset in my home
These are some of my sunset collection

I love this most....

Another collection of skies at my home.....

Some collection of photos around my house...

Although the camera only 3.2mp,
yet its not a problem for
me to take a stunning photo!
but still, I longing for an SLR either....

I take many photos of nature during I live at the palm estate
Then, around 2007, I decided to live in hostel
No more camera, no more photography.
I neglected this hobby for almost 3 years
Our first digicam also had broken
No more camera either :(
I stop this hobby and wondering
when I will afford to have an SLR and restart this hobby?

For more photos of my collection feel free to visit my web at deviant art:

*p/s : If u want to take any photo in this collection, PLEASE ask for my permission and credit me. Thank you


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