My Hobby 2#

I play guitar since I was 12 years old...

This is Kak Finie's guitar.
She bought it when she won a drawing contest
on 2004 and given a prize worth of RM300...
This is how my hobby started...
Playing guitar... :)

At first, it was very sucks!
My fingers pain and swelled. Its even turned blue ;(
But, I determined to learn it from book, friends and even my mom!
She's a school singer while ago... cool!

My first song when I learn the guitar
was Segi Tiga by Cokelat.

I improved my skills and memorizing more chords
by learning to play more song from Simple Plan,
All American Reject, Blur, Peterpan band
and even Heart soundtrack song! :P

I practiced guitar on Perfect
by Simple Plan

Blur, an awesome band!

I love the Swing Swing song a lot!

an Indonesian band

thanks for your guitar kak! ;)
When my skill had improved a bit a year later, (I'm 13)
I tried creating my first song ever!
I tried to make song from my Kak Finie's poems
and succeeding composing a song! Bravo! ^^

My First Song

This song undergo many time of editing on the lyric,
music arrangement and song. But this is originally produced
on 2005 by me and lyric by Kak Finie.
While this record are made a few days ago.
I made this simple video with the song not finish
because I am not ready yet to publish any of my song officially.
Enjoy listening and NO COPYING PLEASE!!

On my 15th birthday, 2007
I received the most invaluable present ever in my whole life
from my best friends : Nonie, Nunur, Stanti.
Guess what?

A suzuki light brown acoustic guitar!
Whoa, I never expect to have my own guitar.
I am touched with them
They willing to collect money for months
just to buy me a guitar
That's so sweet. ^__^
I love you guys

Having my own guitar, I start composing more song about
feeling, life, emotion...
I have composed almost 15++ songs.
But I'm not ready yet to publish it.
I'm afraid it to be stealed =="


  1. Cokelat - Segitiga??? I thought it was All American Reject - Swing Swing!

    and you still like BLUR band? -_-

    i'll download you the whole album k! ^_^

  2. laaa blur is just a remembrance of my earlier exposed on guitar and alternative song =="

  3. i know this kind of late but i like your composition more than najwa's cinta muka buku