22 May - 27 May : Taaruf Week in CFS IIUM

International Islamic University Malaysia

is stand for
Centre Foundation Study
International Islamic University Malaysia
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

This is where I further my study,
foundation of nursing for two years.
Nursing. This is not really my choice.
I wanna be a doctor rather than a nurse!
That's my ambition since I was in grade 1
No matter what I will strive for my best to achieve it.
I will try to change my course later after
the first semester just if I get a high pointer
(at least 3.5) and a very valid reason
why I want to change it.
Its not an easy things to done
But, I will try my best

But in case I'm not success to change it,
Its okay. My plan B is to be a lecturer instead
Its high paid too ;)

Taaruf week.

Taaruf is come from Arab words mean 'knowing each other'
in other word it was an orientation week
Meet new friends... seniors... lecturers...
room mates and a new environment!

This is the formal dress code for taaruf week
-Taaruf special white scarf with IIUM logo at the back
-Purple Batik Kurung
-White skirt
-Black/Dark shoes
-Taaruf Bag (its free!)

My room mates
From left at my back: Siti Hamidah, Suhaili
Beside me: Fatimah Husna

That's my bunk with blue bed sheet.
My room is very small! plus with 4 members inside,
It just like a tin sardine! :(
But it doesn't really a matter
because I have a great room mate in it.
We share most of our time together
and I'm not feel so lonely too. :)

That is me in front of my locker (locker B)
with Suhaili or I call as Sue

Those are the temporary matric card on our chest.
So ugly! ;(

Hehehehe sorry for the super messy
view of room in this photo... :P
That's my bunk at the lower part
My desk and rack for books
(Currently, no book to put there. Class didn't start yet!)
If you can see, there's a switch for a florescent lamp
right under my rack for stay up study at night
and beside the switch is a plug for charging the phone while study :P

Close up photo for my Taaruf bag

This is the close ceremony of taaruf week photo
We gathered in a big field and this is
Mahallah (in english 'hostel') Khadijah College
The biggest hostel in our campus.
You can see its C F S word on the building
using lighted room. Very unique! :)

Welcome to a new life iza
A Campus Lifestyle.


  1. Minta ba bag mu.... iza..doakn aku n noorman dpt keja yg bgus2 ya..

  2. emmm nnti la aku kasi. bikin malu seja di pakai tu di uia. semua org ada. -_-
    ok i'll pray 4 u :)

  3. nak tanya, semua hostel katil dia double decker ye?

    1. majorly double decker, tp kalau kamu amik course architecture, dorang akan bagi single bed with wider room untuk kemudahan kamu menyiapkan projek lanskap yg memang memerlukan ruang yg besar

  4. Roommates datang dari pelbagai course atau course yang sama?

    1. datang dari pelbagai course. ada dua jenis. art and sciences course. most student akan di-roommate-kan mengikut art atau science. tp dlm art and science tu ada bnyk lagi cabang course

  5. tudung putih tu pihak uni providekan ke? ke kene beli sendiri?