Food that Harm & Heal

By Reader digest.

This what I have read from the book I mentioned at the last post..
I hope this would help you a little or a lot on letter A, B and C
Sorry because I don't have much time to post more
May be, 3 letters can give you more knowledge than you thought


Eat more : fruits and vege, yogurt, seafood, zinc
for healthy skin

Limit: Iodized salt, high doses of B6 and B12
(Do not attempt to self-treat acne with high
dose of vitamin, it will worsen the condition)

Myth Buster!

Myth: Some people believe eating foods like
french fries, chocolate,and other high-fat
favorite can lead to acne or make it worse
Reality: Food does not cause acne


Benefit: Help lower cholesterol, help prevent heart
disease and cancer, enhance dental hygiene

Drawback: Skin may contain pesticide residues

Wash of the apple before eat to wash off the pesticide.
Some experts even suggest peeling them, especially
if they have been waxed. The wax itself is not the
problem but it may prevent the pesticide residues
from being rinsed off.


Eat more: Fruits and vege (aim 5-10 serving per day),
chicken soup (to help thin bronchial mucus),
food high omega-3

AVOID: Any food, including additives that seem
bring to attack.. mushroom, cheese, soy sauce,
yeasty bread
if mold trigger attack..salicylates
(ingredient in aspirin, tea, vinegar, many fruits and a few vege)
Food preserved with sulfites.. Foods containing
tatrazine or yellow food dye 5

Heredity may be a factor. Asthma runs in family
* geez... it runs in my family! My dad, mum, and
all my sibling have asthma. Including me.. :(


Benefit: An excellent source of potassium
(Lower the blood pressure) and vitamin B6,
as well as a source of folate and fibre

Try Banana for baby's first food. Because banana
easy to digest
and unlikely to produce allergies.
an ideal early food for babies!

Bananas along with rice, applesauce and toast,
are one of the foodin the diet recommended
after a bout of diarrhea.


: Major source of high-quality protein,
vitamin B12, iron, niacin and zinc

Drawbacks: Increase blood cholesterol level,
high the risk of colon cancer and other cancer

Did you know?
Beef may not be as bad as you think
It may not affect your cholesterol level as
much as you think. It contain a type of
fatty acid call conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
Then, a studies also found that CLA can
delay development of
and posibbly even help with weight loss!
as long as you not eat it too much.
Just include it in your diet.

Blood Pressure

The diet style
Limit your salt intake, keep your weight down,
eat less fat, reduce caffeine consumption,
minds your mineral (Fresh vege),
get more garlic, reduce stress

Low level of calcium also higher the risk
to get hypertension
Dry-roasted soy nut can reduce blood pressure


Benefit: Temporarily enhance mental alertness
and concentration
Drawbacks: Can cause insomnia, can increase
blood pressure, mildly addictive

Source of caffeine:
Coffee, Tea, Soft drink (Coca cola, Pepsi, Sunkist Orange),
chocolate (Baking chocolate , cold chocolate, Hot cocoa,
milk chocolate, dark or sweet chocolate), Painkillers.

Wash your aspirin with cola!
If you are taking aspirin for a headache,
wash it down with a glass of cola.The caffeine
will help the pain medication work faster.
It may also fight the headache directly by
relaxing the constricted blood vessels in the head.

Just don't go overboard: Too much caffeine can
trigger a rebound headache.


Benefits: Can elevate mood in some people,
contain various antioxidant, it taste great!
Drawback: High calories and fat..
may trigger migraine headaches

Make dark chocolate your choice over milk chocolate.
It contain more antioxidant and less fat.


It would be more fun and detail if you read the book youself.
There are many more you can find out in letter D,E,F, and so on...!
The 400 hundred pages A4 size book (sortly encyclopedia)
would gives you thousand and million of info about
food and healthy eating habit
Everyone should have one! :)


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