The 19 July =(

~ This day, sharp two months I away from Sabah
~ This day is the deadline for my English essay task
~ This day, I have grown up.
Alhafizah A. Ramos is 18 years old now

2 Months as a college student

It is totally different from my school time.
No more uniform, no more assembly, no more prefects
or fixed class as well as fixed classmate.
I have five semester for two years and taking 14 subject! (I guess).
Those are:
Mathematics 1 and 2, Biology 1 and 2, Chemistry 1 and 2,
Physics 1 and 2, Arabic language,
International English Language Test (IELTS), Fardhu Ayn,
Understanding Islam and... Basic Theme in Quran...
That's killing me! :(
But that's not really bad,
cause we're given two years to go
through all those subjects...
At least I have a lil room to breath~

For this semester, I'm taking Chemistry 1 (Matter and changes)
and Mathematics 1 (Algebraic)
as the core subject along with Arabic and IELTS.

Along two month I've been here,
I was selected to be a committee,
I become a member of Sabahan and Sarawakian Club Society
and joined the halaqah group
(An Islamic group where we share Islamic knowledge among others)

The Deadline of my English Essay

The theme was about work and business.
I chose the title of 'Which is better? Business or being an employee'
and spent whole last week for research with my friend
and wrote the essay for almost 3 hours!
Last 16 July, all already set. Successfully finished :)

On 19 July, everything must be submitted.
Then a bad thing happened on 18 July.
My pendrive was lost! I maybe lost it during
I'm doing the board project. I was such a dumb hell
that time cause the essay and everything inside it has gone~ GONE!

I was very sad and down. Its such a wasting!
I spent my last whole week workin' on that essay
and finally ~ what? I retype, rewrite all it over again
only within 30 minutes cause I have to print it that night
and submit it early dawn tomorrow! -_-
The writing was in rush and not good as the last one.
It would affect my essay marking and all my assignment work!
Sob3.. =(

But still, Praise to Allah, Alhamdulillah.
I success in submitting it at the next day.
Its better than nothing right?~

I have GROWN UP~

Finish with my essay but I still unsatisfied with
the lost of my pendrive, I have search it everywhere
but found nothing. Then I went to Ana's room around
11.50 pm something. Ana is also the committee member
in charge on designing the board. I just wanna ask and
make sure again whether she see or taken my pendrive
in unintended though she already say no through the text message.
-_- huhuhu I just want some miracle happen~
But still, negative. She never see it! whoaaaa so sad.... ;(

I am very restless and depressed that time.
I just back from Midvalley yesterday. So tired!
We designed the board for 3 days from 9pm to midnight.
My assignment and tutorial piled up,
My pendrive lost.
And the sadest is~ all those occur near my 18th birthday ;(

I don't know why, I told Ana that it was my birthday
a few minute more. Gee~ so shame, sounds like I'm
campaigning my birthday! huhu.. Well, I don't know
to whom anymore I should confide that time
but to her though I don't really know her.

Unexpected, 12 am on 19 July I cried~ OMG... so shame.
I cried in front of someone I don't really close,
inside her room where I never visit before.
Huh~ I just so tired with all the things happened on me.
Plus, this is my first birthday
away from my bestfriends and family.
Never thought before, I celebrated my 18th birthday
in a strangers room haha! :P
They sang me the birthday song and, well, I'm touched ;)

Ana gave me strawberry candy . haha . First present from a friend.
Though I'm not really know her much,
I found she is a good friend to be friend with :)
People always said, Every bad things happen
must have the bright side in it.
If I don't lost my pendrive, I wouldn't come to her room,
I wouldn't know her better and I wouldn't be friend with her.

Then I remembered a friendship quote said;
"Friend is a gift that given by God to us"

Happy Birthday Alhafizah A. Ramos.
Thanks to Allah
You had given me so much then I deserve to.

birthday cake by ~vonzilla


  1. awwwwwwwwwww.....what a touching story!!!! ^_^~

    so, u didn't get ur pendrive right until today?!!!!!!! MY-0-MY!!!! ask kak ita to buy u another...

    p/s: Iza, if ur using deviantart photo, make sure u write down their link on the photo or else they will complaint ur blog..

  2. gee~ i'm in a rush that time. I will credit this photo later then~ hehehe
    tnx btw! miss u there