4 Sept: Sunway here we come!!! ;)

Another outing with my two bestest friends : Stanti and Paez.
So sad Nunur and Nonie cannot come. Both em in Sabah now.
We met up again in Sunway to hang out and planned to break our
fast together before Eid Fitri come.
This is the last outing for this year (I guess)
cause we're goin' to face our big final exam in this mid September.
Soon after that we will have a long vacation
and I will go back to Sabah. Our schedule will be
damn packed up so I bet it would be hard for us to meet again after this.

In Paez car ~ Otw to Sunway

First thing in Sunway, Movieeeee!!! :)

At first, we plan to watch the Step up 3D but unfortunately its full.
So Paez decided to watch this damn horror SG~SG~SG movie
I refuse to watch it cause I know piranha is very cruel and violent!!
But they insisted to. -_- huhuhu
Eventually, I ended up watching the movie
with my eyes behind my fingers
and hugged Stanti's arm most of the time!
This movie is damn cruel...
I swear I wouldn't watch this movie again!!
18 SG~~~
Thanks to Stanti for treating us to Movie~


We wandered to all places in the Sunway
while waiting for the break fast time

Sunway Roller Coaster

We are hungry!!! :P

I like this pic :) cute~ hehehe

7.00 pm. We went to an Indonesian restaurant, Ayam Penyet.
Pergh~ we are very exhausted walking non stop from 10 am to 7pm! -__-

We are starving...

we ordered:
Ikan keli, ayam dan daguing penyettt...
sangat pedas!!! :(
Nasib ada ais lemon tea, air laici, jus avocado... ;)

Yeye~ bukak puasa! ;)

We really enjoyed this moment! Love to hang out with you guys
I wish we can go out together some more next time. :)
We went back home around 9pm something.
I slept at Stanti's hostel. Smuggling in! hahaha :D

Her hostel

Recently, she is studying at the
International Education Centre (INTEC)
taking A Level in medical course for two years before
go to India to further her study in degree. Bravo dear friend! :)
So proud of you...

I never expect that we have go so far together like this.
We've been together since I still can't read the alphabets in grade 1
till I walk in to the University. Its been 12 years!
We were classmate for 11 years and this is our
first time seperated by different institute.
Yet it never be the reason for us not to meet and forget each other.
There is nothing I can say but we are FRIENDS FOREVER~
Love you :)


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