First semester. OVER

eeeeeehaaaaaaxxx :)

Can't stand my joy. I made it. After go through 4 months
for my first semester, finally I done it last week!

Exam attacked me for a week and I had made preparation
since the last week before exam. It forced me to stay away
from internet and try to stick to the books (Ceh...)

No treasured moment but pressured moment
for the last 2 weeks. So blog not updated for so long! haih.

Chemistry 1 (matter) and Mathematics 1 (algebra)
I'd done with em. And I hope, pray, and do'a...
I will not repeat it next semester!

Arabic level 1. Pray to Allah.
I will proceed to level 2 next semester.

International English (IELTS) lvl 5.
I wish and hope I can exempted.
haih~ don't burden me more by taking TOEFL
in the next semester or repeat IELTS!
Nauzubillah min zalik... (Allah, stay me away from it)

=__= Allah, please listen to my Do'a.

By the way, for the second semester, I am taking:
>Biology 1
>Physics 1
>Basic Theme in Quran
>Arabic Language lvl 2
>TOEFL (in case I'm not exempted the IELTS)

InsyAllah. I will do my best for the next semester...
3 semester more to go~~~

Chayok-Chayok ! :)
*I asked my chinese friend about the meaning of chayok
and she said, it mean in chinese 'tekan minyak!' huh?
maybe it probably mean, accelerate, speed wtv...
hahaha. ^^

29 Sept - 23 Oct.
Sabah I'm coming!!!!!! ;)

I miss Sabah so much.
especially mommy.

Study together a day before final exam
with anasuha atiqah (

Thanks for your care, supports n love
along my semester 1 in the college :)


  1. Waaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mau pulaaaaaaaaannngggggggg juuuuuugggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kaw tu suda pulang. aku nda pernah lagi. na lagi kesian =_=

  3. take care kt sabah..:)
    thx ah insertkan pic aq kt blog kaw.
    gila berdaulat!haha..