29 Sept: as exam ended...

Enjooooyyyy!!!! ^_^

After strived for 4 subjects the whole last week~
we finally made it and we are freeeeeee!!




you are rockin' guys! ;)
love to hang out with u ol ^^

First of all....
no other but top up perut!

hehehehe.. Bakso from ayam penyet food court
MasyaAllah~ totally hot n spicy..
I'm sweating in the air conditioned mall =__="

*lepas tu nak tau? sedap lagi bakso Lahad Datu yang
RM1 semangkuk tu... hahaha...dekat mid valley? RM5.50!
you know KL... everything is mahaaaal~=___="

Done burning my tongue with the killin' sambal penyet...
We went for boooowlieeengggg~ =)

Aina penuh stail, semangat dan keazaman!
I love her pose :P

my shoes~

alamak~ why blur???
the only pic i'm throwing the ball :(

We're done! :)
*alamak gelap pulak~ huhuhu

We're not done yet actually~~

Racing! ^^

Baskin' Robin ^^

>Milk Chocolate~ mine
>Cherries blah2 *x ingat nama dia ~ Ana punya

she treated me! ^^
tnx syg~ hehe

Jom turun!

dan pulaaaaang...........

Thanks guys~ :)


  1. kte tkde byk mse kuar time neh kn?
    hopefully there will be next time
    for us to hang out together again.
    will miss you in this 3 weeks.

  2. insyAllah ade masa kita kuar ag.... will miss u there too. tk aw :)

  3. Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! Henjoy sakan youuuu...aku pn henjoy jg ba baru2 nih..haha

  4. henjoy pa la kau kunun?? hehehe. btw, ber pisbuk2 suda kaw ah :P