where i've been so long??? Haih~ +_+

whoa~ it almost two month this blog not updated~
kesian my blog...
well i got no mood to update it.
My days in college so pack and any free time will be filled
with sleeeeeep~ =_=

The first 3 weeks in October
I went to Sabah for semester break.
There in my home : No PC = No internet!
I'm not connected to the world for almost a month!
My fb and blog weren't update. So sad till i lose my mood
to update this blog until now.

25 October,
My second semester started
Taking biology, physics , arabic , english and Fardhu Ain
And soooo sad most of my class start from 8 am to 4 pm !
Tired waaa -___-
except for friday, i got lil room to breath
my class from 10 am to 2 pm only~

last friday till sunday
was the most tiring day ever ...
my college got Raudhah Festival where there were
many events held like bazaar, talks, concerts and so on..
Its a grand festival held every year~

I'm one of the commitee of my Hostel
(MRC- Mahallah representative commitee)
So, the MRC open a booth , kinda stall
for the Rafest bazaar. We sold water, float, ice cream etc

Its fun but serious~ tired!

Today 16 November, Tuesday
Everybody are excited cause tomorrow is
Eid Adha ~
Happy Eid Adha everyone
Sad (again) I'm not back to my hometown
My break only 5 days and I just spend my holiday
in hostel~~~ ;(

Thats ol update from me :)


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