24 Dec: its been a month no update!


mid break start today.
a week in my sis home at KL
be the maid in the house =_=
wtv it is, tnx cuz give me chance to stay at ur house :)

last fri (17), i struggled with physics paper
last sat (18) , Arabic language paper
and last wed (22) ,
my mid smester exam ended with Biology

PHEW~ =.=


Life isn't called as life if there is no problem haunting us
Challenge, obstacles, misunderstanding, hates...
my emotions stirred~ I cry. I laugh and cry and laugh,
Sometime I mad, sometime I'm happy
I just like an insane!

Problems piling up and killing me softly~

One day I start losing myself...
I keep questioning myself

whats wrong that I've done?

why everything seems wrong
on the eyes of all people around me?
why He test me so greatly?
why me?
why me?

Suddenly I realize.
Astaghfirullah ....
its very wrong to question
why Allah test us

Its stated in Quran~

[47:31] Dan sesungguhnya Kami benar-benar
akan menguji kamu agar Kami mengetahui

yang berjihad dan bersabar

di antara kamu,dan agar Kami menyatakan
(baik buruknya) hal ehwalmu.

Subhanallah~ Allah know the best in me...
Alhamdulillah , I have Allah in my heart. I have Iman in me.
I have her beside me~ the friend with a lot of love
They gave my self strength back.

"i'm tired looking at you like this. so fragile and weak"
"search your strength in yourself iza"
"I believe in you"

Thanks cuz believe in me cause I just start not to believe myself
I lost my confidence. But then I realize.
I used to be so strong before

I have to raise up. Life has just started.
I believe in Allah, He is my strength.

Thanks Anasuha for your endless supports.


  1. i'll always being here for you because you are my friend :)

  2. greenng..greennggg...greeenggg...d gitar mu~