Jan 2011: At last I got my own :)

its one from my wishlist :)

i dream for it since the first time
i touch it when i just 7 years old...

My very own Personal Computer.....

haha. merepek!

a decade ago laptop is rarely found
yet only a biiig computer~
and i wish to have one!
though it cost RM6000 in the older days

very big huh? haha

Later on, PC is not famous anymore
Everybody buy a laptop.

At the older day, i wonder when people say
the mouse of a laptop only use a finger tip.
I thought the mouse is veeeeery small
just like a size of finger tip and we gonna
drag it using our finger!


Then my mum bought a laptop.
and guess what?
The size only 16GB!
2 times of my 8GB pendrive...
and there is a disket reader on the laptop~
:) so sweeet *tiba tiba. haha

Later, we buy a RM70 pendrive
and the size only 254MB! OMG =_=

reminiscing the technology
of the older day sometime
can tickle my tummy

ihsan dari facebook/cool Ads!/Affinie A. Ramos

a 64KB computer is on sale !! :)
fill the form and post it to purchase...

Erk... jauh dah melencong.

actually i just want to share to u
that i am very happy cause
finally i have my own netbook :)
byr sendiri taw........ half-half la dgn my daddy :P

HP-Hewlett Packard (mini)
:) :) :) :)

p/s : bnda kita byr sndri lg bmkna.. (bia pun half2) haha


  1. iza..ko lukis sndri ka tu jari?huhuhuh~ hinanya monitor PC tu d kasi bgtu..kesiaaan..kesiaaan..mmmm

  2. ya> aku lukis> mana ada imej bgtu d google> aku mau tarok lksan spy org bole bygkan> haha

    tu monitor aku cuma mau bandgkan saiznya bha tuu

  3. eskusmi eskusmi...mom x beli itu laptop aa...c faizal yg kasi aku then aku kasi mom pki :)

  4. alamakk alaa malas aku mau explen pjg2 :P.. eish mngempen la bhaa haha