A tag from my sis…

Boredom  lead me to visit and  re-read old posts in my sis blog. Then I just realize one post (kinda tagging post with questions) is tagged for me. OMG big sorry sis cuz i’m a bit busy till i dont really notice it ~ so, i think i should answer them then


1. What is your status:

My status: a single-and-still-not-ready-for-any-relationship person

2. Tell a bit about yourself:

I am Sabahan (north Borneo) , born in a small town of Lahad Datu and live for 16 years in a palm oil estate. My dad worked there. Then when i’m 17 we moved to Sandakan until now. Recently, i continue my study in International Islamic University, Foundation in Nursing at Petaling Jaya. Will graduate in 2012 and continue study in degree at main campus in Kuantan, Pahang. Pray for me :)

Main Campus in Kuantan Smile

3. Tell a bit about your blog

About my blog? I’m not really an active blogger and not hoping for hundreds of followers  but more too just share anything happen around me, in my life, or what I thought or feel of. I am more to make this blog just  like a diary and not really interest in designing it with various gadgets or make my eyes spin-spin (hehe) with coding thingy. haih~ I only update it when I got mood and I admit, my blog kinda boring . haha btw, thanks to my sis and my best friend cause never feel boring to visit my blog whenever I update any post. Thanks!Smile

4. What do you think about blogging?

Blogging is synonym to sharing. We share information, thoughts, or our life with all people around the world. It is up to us what kind of  things you want to share in the blogs. Business, arts, recent news, any knowledge or feelings as long as you love doing it. Blogging can release my tension and it just like an electronic diary where we can put photos or whatever to express our thoughts and feeling in more creative and easier way.We able to write and design anything we want without any disturbance because we have a full authority in our own blog.

6. Explain what is unique about your blog?

Unique?hmmm… It is a clean blog.  Well, for me, this is just an ordinary blog and it is more to share about things happen on me. So anyone want to know what news had happen on me recently, feel free to visit my blog :) wtv it is,  it is up to the reader how to judge it.

7. How long will you be blogging and what is your dream in blogging

I will be blogging forever unless I’m getting busy until got no time to write.  Dream about blogging? I am more to make blogging just a hobby and I hope I will blogging forever


Thanks for tagging me Kak Finie and I’m very sorry cause just reply it now……

Would like to tag this post to

ana my best friend In love

Emma my ex-classmate Be right back

Wana, my friend! Smile

Yvette my wonderful ex-classmate.. I miss u! Sad smile

Hope u guys can spend a few moments answer those ! hehehe


  1. Geez! Even I forgot this tag for you! HAHAH..thanks...

    ew! You'll go to PAHANG?Kuantan PAHANG?? That's facing South China Sea! Say "Yaaalleeeyyyaa-leee-hooooooo" to the sea and I might hear you! we'll be just coast to coast~ LOL

  2. really? haha i never know.. yeap. i will go there. a boring place kak ita said. even KK is bigger okay! =__=

  3. kuantan pahang is a friendly place laaa...hihi..
    hmm interesting...can i follow this?haha?

  4. follow what? dont forget to answer those question in ur blog! :)