Exam Exam Exam~~ 9,16,20&24 Feb

9 FEB -

Whoaah~ done with my EPT (english placement test) just this morning. 3 hours in front of the white rectangular paper with blank ink font *scattered* all over it would make my eyes spin2. hahaha

The test. OMG extra susa laaaa… I forced to read 4 passages and answer 40 confusing and cause-someone-dizzy multiple question. They are killing me. majorly about  economy economy~

I hate that topic.=_= serious. I yawn for thousands time till my MCQ (multiple Choice question) paper dropped to the floor many times. ( I hold it when reading the question paper) . Haih~ sooo sleepy!

Writing? hm…. i am lack of bombastic vocab. . . Should learn more iza. Variety of vocabulary can cover ur grammar mistakes! is it true?  =_=”

whoah! the main point is i HOPE i exempted, pass and NOT REPEAT IT next semester =_=

3 more paper waiting…

16 – Arabic

20 – Physics

24 – Biology

25 -  habis…… Smile

wish me luck….. Amin….


  1. cantik plak poster tu..mna ko dpt??
    apa la konok question2nya??susah ka??cuba kasi salah satu question aku try jwb..lama suda ndak skolah ni..hhuhuh

  2. illicit- aku nda tau mksud nya
    global recession. aku dak phm . sudala tjuknya, rupanya kemelsetan ekonomi. =__="
    poster tu taip seja final exam tension bla3.. tjmpaaa.. filem bha tu. hahaa