holiday!! ^^, (2-6 Feb)

whoah. long time no update. pity to my bloggy~
nothing to say but i'm struggling with
my final exam (am I??) *poyo*

busy reading some other blogs
till i'm neglecting mine =_=

4 days holiday ~
Happy Chinese New Year
to all chinese outside! ^^

Tnx.. bcoz of u guys, we got holiday again~ hahaha

feel so grateful live in Malaysia
becoz we got sooo many holiday
result from variety of races in our country
hehehe. we got Eid Fitri, Eid Adha,
Thaipusam, Christmas, Kaamatan Day, Deepavali
and now, Chinese New year~

Pergh~ So many extraaa holiday in Malaysia ^^,

But don't be so relax iza...
My exam Final is goin to kill me !! ;(

Do Rabbit eat orange?


  1. nope...rabbits don't eat orange.
    hapy chinese new yr iza ramos.long time no hear.
    smga sihatx2 saja d sna.
    btw,emma ni.

  2. hahaha. juz wonddering. mana taw la kan. tumpang sekaki mkn oren di thun bru cina :)