11.05 pm ; 18 March

Thunder! your internet dead~
+__+ can't see u tonight...
Message sending failed!
Balance RM 0.00
Cannot text you tonight...

Tonight is sooo boring.

Datul struggling with her books at the dining table~
Goodluck SPM (sort of O level) dear sis!

Fizul addicted with MAT (mission against terrorist) game...
Please study dear brother!
U had played for almost 25 hours in front of the PC!
Now u got fever~ +_+ baru taw... haih

Mommy sew Datul's school skirt.
Colored black.
Huh? o_O?? errr... Mom said
"jadi ketua samseng suda si datul tu di sekolah"
hahaha . wow. I never be a head of any organisation in school

Consequence of Tsunami in Japan, the only channel we had in TV just
TV3 : A black and white blur vision *_*
TV2 : Zzzzzzzzz (bunyi semut-semut) Hahaha i mean nothing seen but grey!
TV1 : haih~ the only channel we can watch =__="

Mom said: "kena sumpah kita ni oleh penjual astro sebab degil tak mau memasang astro"
hahaha we are the only house (i guess) in the residential area got no kuali at the roof.
its been so many time the astro people came to our home beggin' us to buy astro ^^,
mom said to them~ owh. we just into internet.. sorry. hahaha. yalah tu.
All of us not into TV actually . so it kinda wastin' to buy Astro =_="
TV 1 2 3 is enough~

But now? 1 channel only maaaa =_=

the day after tomorrow Datul go back to her hostel in Kota Kinabalu.
me? go back on Monday. See you again dear lovely college.
2 month shorts semester. Subject? computer. JUST computer.
4 hours a week. is that worth? hm.... i just want to maintain and keep up my pointer
don't want to take any risk to pile up many subject in one semester till at the end
i become stresss to catch up 'em ol~ +_+

Talk about pointer?
my semester 2 result? ugh....
Not achieve my target :(
but at least, ok.... my pointer rise up a bit.
Hope for a better achievement next semester :)
amin... insyAllah

Hm..... recently playing cafe world in facebook.
staring at the burger ... onion french soup...
cooking still in progress!



    ui, at the moment i wrote this, you might be somewhere in the epot sandakan to fly back to kl..BABAI~ T_T

  2. and now im in klia~ =_= knp kaw brabis ktw ah