16 March : Merong!!!

My mom's really-really want to watch
the new movie of Merong Mahawangsa

So, after waited my dad back home around 9.30 pm from work,
We went directly to the cinema at Sandakan, watchin'
the midnight movie, amazingly Merong Mahawangsa!

Well, it is very astonishing when Malaysia is able to produce such a
great movie! an action movie and make my hair stand with the
determination and high spirit of the Merong in fighting back the enemy.

In my opinion, the 3D effect is very good though some part look
unreal. Yet, that was awesome for a Malay movie!
But the storyline is quiet simple and more to fighting and action.
No romantic part =_=" hahaha~

Whatever it is, its worthy to watch the movie just for RM5!
Enjoy watch the movie with Daddy, Mommy,
and 2 lil brother and sis Datul and Fizul! ^__^

This movie will also being showed in 70 countries around the world including
Europe, Middle east and our neighbor countries with the English version
entitled, The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines
Awesome right?! ^^

For more information bout this movie:
Click here > Language: [english] , [Malay]


  1. No romantic scene?!! That's SUCKS!! Even Lord of the Ring got some romantic scene!

  2. iza..kata x layan romance movie..
    ape kes??

  3. kak finie: ada la sket.. stakat tsyum2 malu, pastu trus narrator bckp2 jak. then dorg kawen...
    su: aku ske ape... kw je ttw.. haha