I am addicted to deviantart emoticon!

emoticon or emotion icon
in deviantart.com so so cute!
creative! awesome!

I already know and love the emoticon
since I become a deviant member
But it suddenly came across my mind to put it
in my blog as my expression emotion

I love it. They are very cute
Credit and thank you to all Deviants
that had made this awesome emoticons!

Thank you....

Some of cute emoticon!

Emoticon - Video Game Naggerby ~n00b3h

Punch Emoticon

by ~LittleDende

Headbang Emoticonby ~d3monthesicko

Breakdancing emoticon

by `hprince329

Maths Kills Stickman Emoticonby ~snowfyre

sims emoticonby ~VenustasSomnium
OMG~ aren't they so cute? check these out more in deviantart.com
put in ur blog and they would make ur post more interesting and cute!


  1. hahah..ok..i nver try this in blog..its cute but, i don't think i will use it in my blog..

  2. hehe ur blog is kinda serious and dreamy one. it wasnt fit in xD

  3. iya..that's why la i don't wanna use it~