Journal to Perhentian Island! : Part 2

Let's continue my journal on the third day 27 February! ^_^

After perform subuh prayer I can't wait anymore to watch the sunrise
Well, I admit the view weren't so fascinating because the
sun rose beneath a hill and not on the sea.
Yet, we were very enjoyed that time!

Enjoy the sunrise with my lovely guitar

We take breakfast and at 10 am something,
we were prepared to go snorkeling! :)

Let's swim!

This was very enjoyable! we fed the fish with
bread. How hungry they are!
and i think they never full =_=

Look at me at the video! I was stuck at the rope
(its a border line for snorkeling area) and
nobody help me!! shoot~ =____="

We observed wonderful coral reef, colorful fish and I will not forget
this: Observed a big turtle by my own eyes in the sea! So fascinating! ^^

After finish snorkeling till mid afternoon,
with our wet cloth, me, Ana, Kak Shak and Kak Yana
direct for kayak! Hahaha! snorkeling is very tiring okay! and
I can't believe I still have energy to row the canoe
for 45 minute! Geez~

Then, the four of us strolling at the beach...
Buried Kak Shak with sand.... Bath at the sea....
This is sound insane: How could we bath under
a hot steaming sun on 2 pm without applying
any sunblock cream?
Like expected. Our face burnt!! +__+
and my face worse... =_=

Enough with bath, Ana and I went to buy ice cream
cause our throat so dry because of drank a lot of salty
water from the sea! hahaha

Guess what. An ice-cream that should cost RM2++,
worth RM4! OMG . I don't want to buy ice cream
in an island anymore! :P

At night we dinner barbecue sea food....
and then, I performed singing together with the others
as requested by the resort owner!
Hahaha... macam sedap nyanyi +_+

The next day, 28 February (my sis, Kak Ita birthday)
is the last day at the island... So sad...
How I wish to stay longer here! :(

Gonna miss you Perhentian Island~

We went back to Terengganu around 10 am and went to Kak Yana house
for lunch and dinner, went to pasar payang, eat keropok lekor, drink air tebu...
round-round ganu la senang cakap! :)

around 10 pm, we went back to Kuala Lumpur...
and arrived around 5 am (1 March) Alhamdulillah....

Thanks to Kak Yana for this unforgetabble vacation ever,
for your care and welfare along this holiday.
She is the mastermind for this vacation hehehe
Credit to her :)

Thanks a lot to everyone too ....
Wish we could have more
vacation after this. Hahahaha.

Don't forget to read the part 1
Thats all. thanks for reading :)