Journal to Perhentian Island! : Part 1

First Day (25 Feb)

The very long journey from KL to Terengganu were very tiring!
Imagine, from 5.30 am - 8.00 am (26 Feb)! whooah~

IIUM (my college) > KL Sentral (Train station) >
Hentian Putra (Bus Station) > Perhentian Island's Jetty...

In Picture smiling (^_^) : Anne, Liyana, Kak Yana
Let's Go! We went to train station by bus from the college.

Arrive at KL sentral! :)

continue our journey to the bus station...
this is my bus ticket!
Hentian Putra to Kuala Besut...

here we got a lil problem because the
time for us to leave the bus station should be at 9.30 pm
but i don't know why, the time delayed to 11.00 pm!
huh... we were tired waiting with crowded people, damaged
air cond. its very hot there! =___="


Second Day (26 February)

finally at 11.00pm we leave the Station bus~
supposedly we should arrive 6 am but we only
arrived at the jetty at 8 am. haih~

Get ready with your safety jacket!
we're going to Perhentian Island! Yeah!

Kuala Besut > Perhentian Island.....
we going to the big one at the right side

After 45 minute in the boat, finally
we arrive at the gorgeous island!
yeeeha! (^___^)

awesome right!!
with the white sand and warm breeze.
Its really make me wanna sleep! hehehe
after we lunch, relax and perform zohor
prayer, at 2.30 pm we went for jungle trekking!

err... i think they should rename it as island trekking
cause we explore half the island not just at the jungle but also
to the beaches around the island

The route of island trekking. Start from the arrow point,
end at the star point which is our resort (Fauna Beach Resort)

Pictures along the island trekking~

after finished the island trekking for almost 2 hours,
we try out and learn to use goggle cause tomorrow
we going to snorkelling! it is the first time for me to wear it!

after bathed at the sea, continue with beach volley ball! yeah!

At night, after we enjoy our dinner, we play the truth or dare game.
11 all of us and 9 of us choose for truth. ugh~ boring. So my senior, Kak Mizah
and I choose to play for dare!

Guess what? They dare Kak Mizah to go to the resort's kitchen and
wash a plate there! hahaha . insane. But she made it! awesome right?

Me? they dare me to go to the burger stall at the beach and order
a benjo burger (egg burger). but not just order it. But make it myself!
OMG. haha at first I am a bit afraid cause i never make a burger!
but i try to dare myself. and i made it! Its for the first time, i make a burger in
and island~ and they said it tasty (^__^) bravooo!

after that,
We chatted and sang with my guitar at the beach
till midnight under thousands of stars above us,
accompanied by the melody of wave ...
Very treasured and i wont forget this wonderful moment! :')

and to sum up. I WAS VERY TIRED!! (=__=)
wait for the part 2! :) see ya