15 Apr: puasa big apple.

now what?
everytime i think of it.
I will feels like. weeek mau muntah.... O__O
please. i dont want to vomit again in midvalley!
click here for the story: muntah.

Hahaha ... sorry its a long post.
I dont think u gonna read that :P
but really.
Its a nightmare.

last month i met my best friend Stanti
and she accidentally left her matric card in my bag
She become just like an intruder in her own campus
for a month. Eventually, her first exam gonna be tomorrow (16 Apr).
She dying for the matric card or she will be
kicked out from the exam hall.

Don't wanna pay Rm30 for the card replacement,
Stanti want to meet me (actually want the matric card only)
and we choseto meet at midvalley cause that is the only place
everybody can easily go to~

I just ate a full plate of rice together with a big chicken wings and vege
an hour ago, suddenly Stanti wanna eat big apple cause its
been a long time she doesnt taste it. She treat me too ^_^

So we went there and buy not 2 but 6 big apple.
OMG i dont know she was really dying for big apple
that time~ =_="

okay, tekak aku kembang tengok gambar ni~

err... maybe its sound weird when someone trauma with donuts.
huh~ maybe i will trauma only for a few weeks or more... =_=

I was full that time and stanti force me to finish the donuts together!
do you know how it taste to eat cheese.. chocolate... cream...
the doughnut itself... when u already eaten a full plate of rice!

hahaha . I do thought of just take
away the donuts to the hostel but seeing them scattered
over the box *just like toddlers ate them* tak senonoh~
I think we should just finish them.

last few pieces. we really cant take it anymore.
but its very wasteful if we just dump them.
so we eat eat eat and laugh laugh laugh
cause we felt very funny when watch each others'
mouth full with doughnut. hahaha.

I nearly spit out the doughnut cause cant swallow it anymore!
its very sweeeeet and u got no idea how queasy i felt that time.

Aih~! gross... +___+

everytime i think of doughnut. i will remember this moment.

I will never attempt to do this again !


  1. wek..!! haih! +_+ mst org dk pcy ada jugak org mw tmunth big apple kn

  2. Uerrkkhh!!OMG!tu laa..tamaha jg kmu ni..dr dlu lg aku n noorman mmg xsuka mkn bigapple sb ~ 'not really necessary to eat' lgpn noorman mmg allergic dgn coklat n sweet sb dia sakit gigi~ewwwuuu!

  3. Salam.jalan2 singgah sini..nice blog :)
    Jom tengok sakura dekat blog saya^^
    Sudi2 jenguk ye (^____^)

  4. hahaha itula temaha kan. haih~~ sedap tu donut klu di makan sikit2.. stu kali byk ndak sedap sua. weeek -_-