25 and 26 March : Sweet days ^^

Finally I got mood to post something~

Well, last week (25 March) I met my best friends,
Stanti and Paez at Midvalley. Then we went for karaoke
and eat ayam penyet together.

The next day (26 March) on Saturday, Paez going back to Sabah because
he already finish his foundation. So this was kinda celebrating him.
My other ex-classmates like Ding, Chang and Ria also came.

Photos of us at the Mid? haih~ I've been waiting the photos to
be uploaded by Paez but till today he hasn't upload any yet!

I decided to sleep at Stanti's house because I really
miss her and I want to spent a bit time with her since
after this she's gonna busy with her final exam and
I don't know when we can meet again~
Yea~ smuggling again in INTEC's hostel. hehehe
this is my second time. Nakal! :P

*errr tudung sama macam hari tu juga =_="
~see the last photo in the post (link)

Whoah... Its been a long time we don't spend our time together.
No way I will just waste this time doing nothing memorable!
So, on Saturday (26 March), both of us went to a mall
near her hostel, enjoy! hahaha

karaoke again?? hahaha we loooove singing! ^_^
at K-Box only la...

saya naib juara! yeah! *out of two people. watpa... =_="

guess what stanti? u r so cute here! ^^ hahaha

okay. this is crazy. I don't know this is a six years old game.
I simply put a couple of tokens and play it like a-not-yet-puberty-kid.
BHAHAHAHA!! two guys stared at me (O__O)?? (O__O)"
Stanti were so embarrassed to sit with me~
She's only watch me at distance, pretending not knowing me.
(=___=)" jahat la kau tak mau main dengan aku...
Two tokens okay! I don't want to waste it! hahaha!

Enough with k-Box and arcade game, we wandered in the mall
and finally I went back to my college at the evening...

Oh.. How I wish to spend the whole day with you.
aku rindu mau begila-gila dengan kau bha~

Thanks for everything to Stanti and Paez
for such an awesome weekend with you guys~
Love u all :)


  1. thnx..at last u udmit am cute..hehehh..dont 4get d free token..and dmost inportant thing..my ID ok!!!!!!!!!! how i miz it...sob2x..eh..now u knew am d best racer..hahhhahhah

  2. hahahah dlm gmbr tu jak kw kiut ok. hehe. free token! will never forget tht! gila lucu!emmm org ada lesen.. mana ble challge. haha :)