27 April: Scha!!!

me with syara Izzati

Okay. its been two times (first time)
we met in KL and i hope we can meet
again more soon :)

It is very sweet of you, willing to sacrifice
your tiredness to come to my college just to meet me!
oh~ tacing :') hahaha
yeap. serious . i am touched ;)

Sorry because i can't treat you the best in my hostel.
with my small hot room~
tasteless food in the cafe
and i'm not even treat you with any penny =_=
instead , you the one who treat me! :P

Wtv it is. Thanks cause you willed to visit me here
Thanks for everything!
I hope we can meet again soon :)
Love ya! ^_^

this photos took from her blog
because she took all the pictures!


  1. Waaa..nak kopok ngn cloud 9 2..huhuhuhu

  2. Arrrgghhh!!~ Tudung ak (yg pink tu) masuk blog!! hahaha~ =)