Fake Egg! +__+

You guys might already know this bad news about


Shell :
Calcium Carbonate, paraffin wax,
gypsum powder

Egg membrane :
Calcium chloride

White egg and the Yolk :
Sodium Alginate, Alum, gelatin, acid benzoic,
calcium chloride, water and food coloring.

Yolk: Lemon food coloring to make yellow color!

This egg is 100% chemical and 0% of nutrient!
This is GROSS! How could they do this to us?? >_<

This problem is usual in China and I hope Malaysia still can control this!

Yea. The government had warn us to be more careful when buying eggs
But what about if some irresponsible restaurant owner will serve fake eggs?
well, it is cheaper and they can save more money. Its possible can happen...
This is scary... +__+

So, think twice when you want to order egg in a restaurant.

"i love when fake egg made"
p/s: more chicken can live safely
when people consuming fake egg.


  1. mna ada aym mau pupus =_=
    cuma dorg tersiksa seja dipksa btlur. itula org cina bt tlur palsu. hahaha

  2. lepas nie apa pula yg nk ditiru ya?

  3. nanti akan ada ayam tiruan pulak. haha