Long time no update!
Well, just finish my mid semester last Tuesday
and MUET (Malaysian University English Test) last Saturday


Now in progress to strive my best (konon)
for my final exam early of May. Amin...

Cheh... padahal tidur sepanjang hari! makruh okay!
-___- ''

story for MUET?
the topic for long essay is the sweetest topic I ever got:

Friendship is the most valuable thing in life. Do you agree?

Oh! off course I do... ^__^ I answer the question
with smiles...imagining all my friends and family.
I love you guys. You are my inspiration!

InsyAllah I want a high grade :)

ok next story.
this one is GROSS I tell you!
haih~ Live away from family.
so many tests i get from Allah S.W.T

aku redha....
But seriously. this one is heck! OMG.
feels like wanna vomit again +__+

why my story recently all about want to VOMIT??
=___=" shoot~

Em it just a simple eww story actually

I just drank a glass of milo.
and i'm nearly finish it.
suddenly i taste something not smooth in my tongue
Bread? kerak kerak milo?
I think of just to swallow it but i feel curious
so i spit it out to see what is that.
and guess what.
neither of my thought are right

it is a small gross fly!
A F***ING FLY!!!!
Feels like i wanna vomit all my rice
and milo that time

This is a true story happened
just now in one of the cafe
in my college.

THE END......



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