Now everybody can be famous~

Basic Ingredients?

TALENT+Laptop+Camera+Internet Network

born =

Ana Raffali
Justin Bieber
any many others...

not limited to just singing~
if you can speak, you can be famous too
like these two people.


MatLutfhi's videos already spread
in my FB wall and this is how i found him.

Last night, i found Anwar hadi's videos
and found out he is awesome too!

They are vblogger (video blogger)
Post new video every week or month
about anything regarding to any issues
that got a lot of messages and can widen our mind

Both are from Kedah and now studying in Australia
but still remain with their Kedah accent. Nice :)

They are very very famous in the youtube today among malaysian
and people keep comparing which are the best between them.

They are different and have their own specialty.
Why don't we just watch both of them?
we would not lost anything right?

There are many other vbloggers in Malaysia and
this two are the most famous so far.
Wanna be a vblogger? Make sure u always got
interesting topic to say~

You guys should check out their videos and watch it
instead of wasting your time watching something
not beneficial in the youtube~

most famous peoples always dream
to be anonymous.
i love to be like i'm now. ^^


  1. bnyk suda org puteh buat bgni..dgn cara bgni dorg bleh d ambil org TV/radio jd pngacara tau~hehehehe..aku ndak bleh la bgni..asal nmpk jak bip-bip merah kamera tu trus ilang akal aku mau wat pa~HAHAHA

  2. tw aku. tp dak rmi lg malaysia jd. and rmi jugak ndataw pa ini. jd aku promote kan la kpd sapa2 bmnt mw jd mcm dorg ni. law org puti ndk ku phm humors dorg. ni org mly, yg tjd d malaysia jd kita phm la :)

  3. ngam dorg ni ikut Raja Lawak d astro tu ba klu lutchu2..

  4. haha suda kunn kw tgok video nya? si matlutfhi tu yg lucu2 . haih~ dorg ni bha educated. mana la maw msuk rj lwk ...

  5. dua2 x best.. yg best awk.. hehe

    Nur Kasih The Movie Thriller Nur Kasih The Movie

  6. ndak la ku tgok smpi abis..indak ku paham apa dia ckp tu~nnt mnengok2 lg bos ku~

  7. firdaus: eh boleh plak sy best. bukan vblogger pun.. hehe awk lg best :P

    kak fini:ndak ko paham?? aduinaa +_+