my song in her blog! :)

I just walked by at Anasuha Atiqah's blog
re-read her post, (hahaha)
then i just recognize there's a post
that i never read before!
mcm mana ble telepas bc ni? -_-

You posted my song dude!
Haih~ I never know. O_O
i do remembered you asked me
whether you can put my song in your blog
but i said i'm not ready yet ;)
kan kan kan?

But its okay then...
So sweet btw. Mentioning my name,
my capability in creating song,
cheh... -_-zzz

You are great in creating the lyrics too
You got your talent there :)
I hope you can write more songs for me
hehehe... ^_^

Well Anasuha, my friend, love to write poems
just in a short time! well its kinda spontaneously
Hebat kan kan? Hahaha.
I always asked her to create a poem in one minute.
Then popped out from her mouth
Cloud... moon .. sun... sea... hehehe...
You will got no idea. She is jiwang sometime ;)

erk. jangan marah~

But on top of that, she love in creating some art
with her Adobe. Making header for blog, wallpaper or whatever.
She also make headers for her friends *without any payment!
because she love to manipulate photo :)
Multimedia and graphic thingy?
She were willed to sacrifice her sleep
when doing such thing. =__="

and now, she interested with animation.
She want to learn herself how to create them!

Dear friend,
I will always support you in whatever you do
I bet you can do it! cause you have the determination in it

Forgot to say. She is taking law course.
Any link with her interest??

Check this out: my song in her blog [here]. =_= *malu~

*Watching Suchi's debate during dean's cup
debate competition last Sunday

Jom follow dia~! hahaha

p/s: dah lama aku tak buat post pasal kaw kan kan :P


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