8 may: o ma....

I dont want to lose my opportunity to post about my mom too! ^^

Well my mom.
She is not a typical mom like in malay drama
who like to membebel, lipat kain, besanggul and bekain batik
all the time. hek hek. My mom is extraordinary and awesome!

this is my mom.

my mom when 17 years old. awesome right!
isnt she look like me? :P

My mom:

Apparently she love music so much.

>A main guitarist in her band school back 1980s

>She love to karaoke.

>Love deep purple. A classic heavy rock band!

>Dream to own her own electric guitar with big speaker

>everytime she want to start her house chores,
she would play the guitar first to get the mooood~ hehehe ^^

My mom also love vintage style and
have a collection of boots!

but on top of that,

>she is the best cooker for me

>love to sew

>a very good listener, very sporting and always give us space to
give opinion or objection

>let us to do everything with our own as long it's not a bad act.
and never force us to do something she wanted.

>HATE NAGGING (awesome..awesome...)^^,

She is my mom.
wanna add her? this is her facebook. hehehe
She is sporting okay. just ask her anything :)

She will come to KL this thursday to attend my sis convo
and gonna visit me at the college for the first time!
yeay! excited ^__^

O ma.... Love you so much
Glad to have you :')


  1. haaaiiihhh...suma gmbr2 ni ko duluan guna ka utk post mom's day...


    ada ka suda ko kredit gmbr tu sma aku??

  2. ala... berla bha... kita kan adek bradek... ntti la aku link~