The Sims 2 DoubleDeluxe For Free!

I am very very delighted because at last I have
The Sims game in my netbook. awesome! ^__^

for me, to install this game is damn complicated!
but it worth because this is not a simple game but
a high quality 3D game! plus its free ~ hehehe

after trying to install it for almost 5 times,
i finally did it. yeah!

wanna this game?
Download the link in [here]
(click the link: download this torrent)

there also steps how to install and crack them
its quiet complex fortunately there's video
on tutorial how to install them. [here]

just follow the steps 100% and enjoy playing!


you must have utorrent to download the link
(it is a winzip file)

make sure you have a fast speed internet connection
(not wifi please) so the file downloaded in
shorter time (hard to say, it may take days!)

to play the game smoothly, its better for you to have at
least 2 GB RAM.

Goodluck! :)

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