Animated Wallpaper in window 7!!

Do you know, Window Vista OS has the ability to have an
animated wallpaper on the desktop? on in the other word,
you can use any video as your wallpaper!

But, as window 7 produced, this feature had been removed
without any clear reason~ and substituted with the ability
to make slide show on the desktop. BORING~

So sad cause that was an astonishing feature
ever by the Windows Corporation!

Fortunately, thanks to the hackers. (hahaha)
cause this feature can be enabled manually in window 7!

Here the tips and tutorial:

1. Download Dreamscene activator [here]

2. Run the Dreamscene installer as administrator
(click right, choose ; run as administrator)

3. Install it.

Just press any key and let the installer do it thing.
The PC will be restarted... (sometime it doesn't)

4. Choose any video [here] and download it.
(you can see a lots of animated wallpapers according to their
categories below the word 'All Downloads')

5. Click right at the video you have downloaded and choose
'use as desktop background'

6. Now you done!


you can also use your own video as the desktop background
but make sure you convert it into WMV format.

You can convert your video to WMV by only using a special software
which you can get from the internet!

Don't forget to share this to your friends!
Good Luck! ^__^


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