Awesome Founders that you should know!

Hi there, our daily life now a days would never be perfect without
browsing with google, check your e-mail with Yahoo! mail,
checking notifications in FB, tweet with your friend, update blog
and so on. Do you know who are the founders of all these?
(off course for FB u know who~ )

So, let's check this out!

Yahoo (1995)
Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Google (1996)
Larry Page (at the back) , Sergey Brin

Blogger! (1999)
Evan William

Facebook~ (2004)
Mark Zuckerberg

Twitter (2006)
Jack Dorsey

Tumbler (2007)
David Karp

uh-oh. who is the most handsome? hahaha kidding~


  1. hehehe plg ensem mak zukebeg bha~~ haha

  2. Paling nerd cipat yahoo spek bulat lagi.

    N creator tumblr tu, nerd juga rupanya n sedikit mcm psiko haha.

  3. @cinoi: masa tuh kan masa zmn 90an. spek pun bulat2 la. haha
    founder tmblr tuh rmi bilang founder plg ensem. ndatw napa ==