Inside The Big Bird...

I bet you guys watched Sesame Streets a looong time ago.
Yeap. I was only 4 years when the first time I watch them.

Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch are one of the most famous character in it!
Here I reveal who is actually inside those Muppet;

He is Carol Spinney (77). He already use those customes
since the first season of Sesame Street in 1969!

To use the big bird custom is difficult okay!
The Muppet actually can only see nothing or blind whenever using
the custom. So he have to memorize his steps during shooting!

He also can only move the left hand whereas the right hand
will be handled by another people. Whoah.. complicated!
I never thought that before~

Carol Spinney handling Oscar the Grouch
and Big Bird at the same time.


credit: obe

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  1. What?!! Skg ko wat research plak cemana dorg animate itu gajah yg pjg bulu matanya tu..aku pn xtau apa namany~