Semester 4 T_T

uh-oh.. i already become the second year
student in my college the CFS IIUM!

Tua sudah...
few months more, I'm turning 19...

Never realize how fast the time passed by...

In this semester I'm taking Physics II, Chemistry II
and Understanding Islam. InsyAllah, strive for the best!
I want to improve my pointer~


I'm gonna take the semester 5 (final sem) next year
insyAllah on January 2012 and will graduate in April.

Then I will enter the main campus
IIUM Kuantan Pahang on September 2012!

Lambat kan~

So far, those are my study plan. I'm not sure if there any changes.
No matter what.


p/s: this Rabbit is sooo cute!! arggghhh!!



    2012..End of the world?? XD (ndak ba..cem pantang aku sma no 2012 nih)

  2. @finie Ramos: kaw brabis ketwa aku graduate 2012 ka hah! xD

    @deylaSuperb: tnx... gudluck to u too :)

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