treasured but tiring moments: TAARUF WEEK 2011

Actually this thing had already passed about few weeks ago
but I still want to put and write it in my blog cause
this is one of my most treasured moment!
I was a bit busy so can't write it earlier but now

Especially to my family; Kak Finie, Kak Tasha, Mom, Dad
Datul and Fizul whom are away thousands miles from me now.. T_T
I hope you guys enjoy reading.

the formal attire for facilitator~

Taaruf week or orentation week for the juniors started on
31st May - 2nd June (a week). But as a facilitator,
I have to come a week earlier to prepare all the
plans for the whole week.

So the week before is the induction week where we
have to prepare the Master Plan, Flow Plan
Action Plan and Backup Plan for the coming
Taaruf Programme. I never know there are many type of plans.

Discussing the plan (and playing The Sims.) hahaha

with Ana and Aisya.

I was in the unit of examination which our team have
to manage a few examination held in the college for the juniors
like English Test, Arabic Test, Fardhu Ain Test and Tilawah Test

Every new student have to take those exams.
If they not passed the exams, those subjects
like English , Arabic , Tilawah Class and Fardhu Ain class will be
included in their study plan.

Me? I manage passing the Tilawah but not
for English, Arabic and Fardhu Ain. :P

This is our team's name.

which mean, Try X: Try to exam, exit and excellent!
The TRI-X words above consist of 153 batteries which we gonna use them
for the clocks in 153 venues for the exam!

haaah. those are the clocks. and files... we have to prepare them all
for the examinations. Tired but fun! ^__^

preparing the things in the files. I miss this moment where
everybody being soooo cooperative! ^^

When the taaruf programme started, our team have a minor
task in registration where I was posted to help in giving
3000++ students the Taaruf kit: Bags, PJ shirts, Batik etc~
Whoaaah! tiring!!! =____=" *but fun!

with Siti Fathirah. miss u! :P

After the registration for three days,
English , Arab and Fardhu Ain test started...

damn silent and bored to wait them finished!

Then, the Tilawah Test on the following day...

I was posted to manage the waiting room. The students have
to wait their turn to meet ustadz for the Quran recitation.

Finally all the examinations and the
taaruf programme had ended successfully

Tri-X Team.
I miss you all guys! ^_^

Read too about my Taaruf week last year [here] ^__^


  1. izaa...!rindu la kt korang suma!nice entry!^_^

  2. Bnyk jg kmu pkai betri!enerjaizer baitu!tahan tu..

    potograpi ko bgmbr pigang cermin smbil tgok kertas melekat tu ndak ngam ekspresi muka mu situ..patut ko buat muka ~> -_- Bru semat!mngisahkn ko boring d situ..HAHAHAH

  3. @cheqwa : tnx... haih. rindu jugak dgn korg semua. esp yg Nilai ni ssh la nk jmpa ! :(

    @Finie Ramos: Utk jam kan, naaa enejaizer , bgkali 10 taun suda tuh di pki ndak tukr2.
    Emm gmbr masa tu awal pagi lg. msi smgt. ptg2 tuh pnt suda aku. 1000 org kali ku lyn dr pg smpi ptg slama 2 hri! =__=

  4. Assalamualaikum kak..

    Saya nak tanya, kalau amik course kejururawatan kt UIA ni, pas hbis degree dpt kerja under Kementrian Kesihatan terus atau ke tunggu lagi..
    Terima Kasih..