27 July: Huwargh!! I'm back! ^__^

woohoooo~ I'm back 3 days earlier. :)

well that's true my mid term exam ended on 30 July
but my exam only on 25, 26 and 30
so i have a long gap before 30.
My last paper is Understanding Islam.
Not so pressure subject like my last two papers
Chemistry and Physics.. Haih~

So... I just want to release my tension with online..
Ergh. I know. many of my friend reminding me not to online
as I had promised to at my last post..[here] :P
ala... at least my killing paper already done right?

Hahaha I miss my blog so much :')
Nak update la. 


  1. takajut tingu tu stupid rabbit~HAHAHHAHA..

    OMAAA!!c iza online!!

  2. hahahah lucu bha rabbit tu epic!! bgus kw cri sepa pncipta nya ni!