29 July: Happy Birthday My Sis Affinie :)

Happy birthday 23rd Kak Finie. ^__^
I never realized that you had already grown old
Hahaha May Allah Bless you in whatever you do.

InsyAllah we will meet this Eid Fitri
and how I really miss you there.
Everytime I reminisce on my childhood
you always in my mind. and its been
many years we had separated right.

Eid Fitri at Keningau 2007

did you remember that we got many drawings and pasted it
all over our rooms. Yeap. I drew brown cat and you, a black cat.
hahaha so adorable....

We played toys, Mom cut the box and make it as the home of our toys...
Your toy is a blind cotton teddy and mine is a rubber brick red teddy.
During that time I can't stop wondering why your teddy can 'drink'
and mine cannot?? +__+ How frustrated I am that time. Haiya~

I still remember when we spend a whole night watching stars
and we saw the star shit~ hahaha I mean tahi bintang. BHAHAHHA
you start making wishes...we share lots of stories... sulizman... BHAHAHA

Powerpoint Competition, KK 2008 on my birthday

Then, every evening we would spend sometime
skateboarding at badminton court.

We sang and memorize lyrics of Linkin Park...
We never skip to listen the Sabah V FM chart list every night
and found out many awesome song like Rest in Pieces, Time is Running Out
Blindspott~ hehehe.

You always cook for us soup 'kak pini' whenever mom
went to work. We collect lots of lyrics from Blur,
All American Reject to practice the chords.

in the ferry to Labuan - 2008

How much you adore The Used Band which you bought
the cassettes because my friend lost your Linkin Park
cassette and she paid it back but you don't even buy linkin park! =__=

You entered the hostel when you in form 5 right
you know what, I felt a bit lost that. But its okay because
we always meet every Friday and chatted at the field.
Then we started go to our own path. You go to KK
and me enter the hostel and now in KL

I really miss our moment in Tenegang. :'(

Ok done with flashback.
Tomorrow I got exam
pray for me okay!
Miss you... Take care... :)


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  1. sweetnya korang..hihi...muka nak dekat sama lah ...err,dah nama pon adik beradik.hihi ^_^

  2. hahaha yeap plg rpt dgn kak yg ni even beza 4 thun

  3. Oweeiii~~ Terharuu... :')

    Thanks izaaa!huhuhuh..

    *reblog* la ni~heheh..

    Happy Ramadhan!