My Favourite Song Forever ! :)

Rest In Pieces By Saliva

I never bored to this song though I already listen to it for almost
1000000000 times! Especially for the acoustic one, his voice
really make me melt. I love his voice. A very handsome voice okay!
How I wish a guy whom have a voice like him could sing this song 
in front of me hahaha!

Actually they are a hard metal rock band but i don't know
how come they come out with a very sweet song. :P
Other song from them? naah~ head banging! 

This is an old song actually released in 2003
and I start love it since that till now :)

P.S : currently listening it over and over again.


  1. Ya!!aku pun LIKE berabis sma lagu ni (pikir jap..sapa duluan jumpa lagu ni aa..aku ka ko??)...ko prasan ka lagu ni mcm ada 'midnight crickets in the bushes' sounds (in a full version) makes it really-really epic..

    really reminds me of our memories in Tenegang (with those oil palm 'jungle' with lots of crickets sound everywhere..ooohhhh.. T__T

    aku pn balik2 dgar lagu ni tiap2 hari before tido~ sooo epic~

  2. sama2 kita jumpa... aku xda smpn yg ori pnya.. so aku nda perasan. tp bez sora llk ni ensem btul suara nya ^_^