My Long Lost Bestfriend

To my dearest friend, do you remember?

hitamnya aku! :(

We met when I enter my school hostel in 2007.
We share a lot of time together.
Whenever you there, I would be there too.
We sleep together, eat together, study together...
We share so many things together!
Even though we're not room mate~

I still remember you have a big round soft toy of a chicken
and a small round duck which are very cute. Everytime I see
yellow chicken or duck, it would remind me of you.
That's how I starting to like chicken toy cause its sort of
the sign of our friendship. :)
My guitar, mashi maro and tiger with her toys :)
A year after that on 2008, you leave to another school.
You know what, I feel part of me lost! I feel soooo lonely.

The first week  we separated, I cried on the phone when 
I listen to your voice. yes. we cried together that time because
I miss you so much... :'(

We only keep in touch by letters since handphone is prohibited
in the hostel.
I would read your letters over and over again
because that's the only way
to feels that you are near with me. :')

A year goes by, we become busier with the big exam and school activities...
We seldom write to each other and I worried if our friendship will fade

After my high school, I found out you change your phone number a few times
and nobody know what is exactly your latest number phone.
I texted your number, hoping that you would reply me.
But none of my message get any respond but I never stop hoping that
you would contact me because I never change my number.

Its been two years...
I search you through the Facebook
and even google your name! but none of your sign shown.
Nobody know where are you. I wonder what are you doing now.

I hope you would contact me soon if you read this
You got no idea how I miss you so much.

I Hope we can meet someday...
InsyAllah ~

Dedicated to Hazel Robert @ Nurin Hannah Qaisara Abdullah
My long lost best friend...


  1. OMG! So touching! T_T

    Don't worry, you gonna meet her someday! Remember how I pray to meet my long lost friend(s) and now I found one of them; Wilton. ^_^

    But still lost with the second one; Stanley.

  2. hmm yeah. hope i'll meet her someday :'(

    1. i really know her... she is my classmate at politeknik kota kinabalu now..

  3. i know her...she is my class mate in politeknik ..hehe

  4. dear anon, kirim salam dekat dia okay. alhamdulillah sekarang kami dah dpt contact :)