officially a WASABER

Wasaber (WSB) ? What's that?
Its actually stands for We Are Sabahan Blogger.
Well I'm come from Sandakan Sabah
But stay in KL to further my study

Actually I already know the existence of this community
since the early months I make this blog.
My sis Finie Ramos also the admin of the blog.
I guess the WSB crews would knew her right.

At first, I intend not to join any blog community
because I just want to make my blog a personal one
and more to my treasured moment. I make this blog
for my family and friends so that they can know my update.

when months goes by, I'm starting to blogwalk
and find many info about the worlds that
I would like to share it with people.
So I'm starting to post about many info and knowledge.

But with this tiny blog and very few follower,
I think its a waste if I just post about useful info yet
only few people able to read it

So I decide to join this community so that many
people will know my blog and would like to read it content!
Happy Blogging everyone!

Anyone Sabahan? Come join this WSB! ^_^
Share your knoowledge and info to more friends!

Sia baru lagi.
sila tunjuk ajar bha
ok! :)


  1. wow,kedah pon ada jugak.KBU-Kami BLogger Utagha,...

  2. I knew it from the start even i didn't see your profile yet that your finie's sister thru your family name..hehe. .

    Welcome dear. .thanx for visit my not so expert in html..pinaghirapan yan. .

  3. Cool!!Welcome to the community~ ^_^