Ramos is not my Father

Assalamualaikum! :)

My real name is my Facebook Name. That is my IC name.
My name is Alhafizah A. Ramos.

Hey~ this should be the first post in this blog! "Introducing myself" =_="

Hahaha, No no. I just want to make you know what is my father's name :)
New people would think my father's name is Abdul Ramos or
worse, ARAMOS. They always miss the dot after A.
I once noticed, they wrote down my father name Mr. Eramos.
+__+ haih~

Well, actually my FULL name is

My father name is Ariffin Ramos Abdullah.
The Initial A.  is for Ariffin actually ;)

Ramos is actually my Family name since my father is an Ilocano
from Philippine. My grandpa had migrate few decades ago
to Malaysia since Colonial Era of British. My father also born here.
Soon after the Independence day, My grandpa, grandma and all my
father's siblings become a Malaysian.

more info bout Ilocano [here]

My Father convert to Islam and after few years, he married with my Mom.
So born me with the name of Alhafizah A. Ramos :)

My Daddy and lil brother, Fizul :)


  1. me too...
    my grandmother was a migrate pilipino also...hehehe

  2. Here's my version http://finieramos.blogspot.com/2011/07/ramos-is-not-may-fathers-name.html

    btw, nama dad d suratbranak mu bukan "Alex T. Ramos" ka?so that, u cant simply say your name is Alhafizah Ariffin Ramos bcause there's no such evidence in your birth cert saying that dad's name is Ariffin kecuali if referred on dad's Kad Islam...

    nnt ko d tangkap polisi, susa ko bikin keterangan klu ko kasi nama salah2..hahahah

  3. @fini ramos: em. aku ikut jak la kak ita. dia kan arifin. so kita pun sbnrnya arifin la tuh. cuma di kasi pendek.