Weird but famous Vblogger +__+

Last time I had posted about what is Vblogger
and who are the famous Vblogger in Malaysia

Here I just found a Vblogger. I bet some of you
would know her. yes a she. Magibon. know her?
Yeap she is cute except for her teeth.
many people complain bout it. hahaha :P

She is very famous with hundred thousand of viewer
and 115 263 subscriber! awesome right!

But the weirdest bout her is :

She's not even talking in the video.
Just saying hi, blinking her big dark eyes for second
Control her mouth so her teeth would not appear
give a peace and thats all!

I wonder why she has
so many viewers ! =_______="

click here for more info bout her

Youtube Channel: MRirian
Website: Magibon
Facebook Fan Page: Magibon

P.S :
menayang2 muka pun bole femes =_="
aku maw try la haha.



  1. siapa dia nih?cumel tapi xpenah tengok pon..hehe

  2. cute tp pelik je nak buat video cmni. pegi la buat blog ke.. ade gak bnde nk cite~ :P

    dy femes dlm kalangan llk kot~