07 Aug: Treasured Moment~ At last! :')

Today I went to Putrajaya with Kak Ita and Abang Adie
cause my sis wanna buy me shoes for my birthday (belated =_=")
Wtv it is, still grateful cause finally got a new shoes for freee~ ^_^
BIG thanks kak ita for your present :D

We went there at 5.30 pm so after choosing the shoes for an hour,
(-_- an hour. ugh~ I got feet size problem)
then we straight to the param (pasar Ramadhan) at presint 2 Putrajaya
to buy foods for breaking Ramadhan fast.

The Bazaar~ OMG~
rambang mata aku sekejap O_O
So many choices and I don't know which one to buy +__+
I bet you guys should try to go there and experience it yourselves xD
Finally I chose Nasi Penyet for breaking my fast.

Time went by, we got no more time to break fast at home
because it was athan few more minutes so we decide to break
near the Tasik Putrajaya. So nice... We're just like picnic :D

The Park

Watching Sunset while waiting the athan

Yeah~ Its Athan... Let's Break the fast :)

We only ate Roti John that time and just ate all the nasi
at home after performing maghrib :) Alhamdulillah~

Erk. This is actually not really my treasured moment la~
Well the real story is, I finally contact to my
weeeeehooooo~ Alhamdulillah.
So Gratitude to Him cause giving me chance
to contact to her again :') I am truly touched

[here] are the post who is my long lost bestfriend

At first she suddenly appeared in facebook
and added me as her friend few weeks ago
I gave her my contact number but she wasn't
respond. I was a bit frustrated that time.

Suddenly after we done our iftar (break fast)
I missed a call from an unknown number
and found out it was actually her ^__^
I was so delighted till I reloaded my credit and
called her cause you got no idea how i miss her
so much :'( Alhamdulillah. We finally meet again :')

I don't want to lose contact with you again :(

Happy Ramadhan...


  1. 1) See! i told u, u got a size problem!

    2) Got ikan Kerapu n Ikan Pari n Nasi Ayam ka in the bazaar!NONE!Only SABAH got em!HAHAHAH

    3) Mana la kasut arijadi mu??

    4) Dia blum accept request ku lg!!!

  2. 1) yala bha =_=
    2) sini ada makanan yg tiada di sana jugak mcm roti john, nasi dagang, nasi kerabu~~~
    3) ada nti la aku PM di fb
    4) jarang dy o9...

  3. ada ba tu mknan yg ko sebut..kebab pun ada,krupuk lekor hebat pun ada..apa2 la smua ada!