13 Aug: Future Muslim Writer

Assalamualaikum. I become a secretary in my Hisbah (kind of Block)
in my Hostel. So, all secretaries from all hisbah in our hostel conducted
a writing workshop called Future Muslim Writer

my name tag

I became a secretary again for this program...
Making proposal, invitation letters...
Our Speakers? Famous icons in Malaysia :)

First speaker is
Hilal Asyraf. He is a Novelist. I had read one of his book, VT.
its an awesome book. He's just 22 but already have
many novels and book. so inspiring

Next speaker was
Ustaz Mohammad Nidzam Abdul Kadir
He is our lecturer, Writer in Solusi Magazine and few books,
and always aired in TV like tanyalah ustaz :)

First session conducted by Hilal Asyraf from 9 am - 12.00 pm.
Its an awesome session where we disscussed on how to be
a very efficient Muslim Writer. How to write an effective
islamic story and I learnt a lot from him.

hilal conducting the workshop

After the workshop, everybody went to him, brought all their novels
to be signed by him. Whoah it took an hour for the signing session
though the participants only 50++ =_=
I don't have any of his book
so I just remain seated.

Then I just realized, I brought a copy of proposal of this program LOL :P
so I just took it to him and let him signed his resume attached
in the proposal HAHAHA

This is some of the committees members and I was second from the
right. I took this photo from Hilal's Tumbler
*errr I don't like the way he edit this photo -_-

The second session started on 2.30 pm until 4.00 pm
I don't take any photos during this session because this time
its kind of very formal and we only remain silent listening
except only when Answer Question Session.

I also learnt a lot from ustaz. He gave us the guideline how
to write a hadith and Quranic verse in correct way when
we want to include it in our article. He also gave us tips to
examined the quality of an islamic book through the way
the writer wrote the Quranic Verse and Hadith.

This programme is very fun and I received a lot of
new information and knowledge