30 July: Happy birthday Stanti :)

Happy 19th birthday Stanti... ^__^

I went to her place at INTEC Shah Alam last Saturday till Sunday
to meet her for her birthday. Arrived at maghrib, we got no time
to hang out cause she have to go to the closing ceremony for her Sport Week.
Ngeee I went there too disguised as an INTEC student. Haha perasan...

At UITM Stadium :)

So fun and happening!

Watch firework with Stanti on her birthday.. So sweet ^^

Finished with the closing ceremony, we went back to her hostel at 11pm
(smuggling again) and chatted with her till 3 am~! WHOAAH
I'm so tired yet so treasured. :)

Tomorrow we went hang out and she treated me at Secret Recipe
together with her housemate. Thanks Stanti and her friends~ :)

Yeeee~ makan free :D

We ate lasagna, mushroom soup, spaghetti meat ball
indulgence cake, banana cake etc~
Whoah~ buncit aku =_="

Then, Stanti and I wandered in the mall,
take 5 at massage chair. went in and
out at every shops...

woooo sedap gila dia urut. -__- zzzz

Then we went to a music store to buy a guitar for my friend

Finish with tawar menawar, minta kurang 
tapi tak kurang jugak~ =_="

Finally we went back to her house to perform zohor.
Testing the guitar a few minutes, then I went
back to my Hostel and arrived safely on 6 pm.

Hope we would spend some time again in future
Happy birthday dear Hastanti Samsuddin
May Allah Bless you.
I hope my visit would make you
happy :)

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  1. Happy belated bday,stunty...

    iza,gmbr mu d bangku urut tu HEBAT!~ur face expression shows the real you!HAHAHHAHHA