11 Sept: Finally we met up after 1 year 5 months!

Alhamdulillah, congrate to my bestie Ann Nur John Ahmad
becauce succeed in continuing her study at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,
Accountancy Business course after finishing her matriculation at Labuan.

Yayyy! So proud of you :)
InsyAllah I will always pray for your success okay!
Its been a long time we didn't meet each other
Last time [here]

So, since she continue her study at UKM, Bangi, Selangor.
we are in the same state now, hence we got the opportunity
to meet up! Alhamdulillah :)

At Chicken Rice Shop

We meet at Mid Valley with Faiez. Stanti cannot join us
because she got programme at her college :( so sad
Its been a long time the four of us do not meet up

mencari selipar batjau samporna :D

As we met, all of us were starving and straight headed to
Chicken Rice Shop! Wandered around the mall searching
for Ann Nur's present (her birthday was on last 20 August).
Went in and out of shops... finding slippers..clothes...
Accompanied her to Carrefour to buy her stationery then
I found clearance books section sold only RM 5 each!
I grabbed one ;)

We don't have any idea what to give her so
she just stole my gelang kayu!
Whey! I just bought it this month =__="
but its okay then... 2nd hand present
to you. Hehehehe.

haih! blur! +_+

Before we going back, we went to Secret Recipe,
treat her a slice of Indulgence Ann Nur and end up
dizzy queasy because its too sweet and we are full! +_+

Finally, after met up on 1.30 pm, we safely seperated
to our own path on 8.00pm
*cheit. "our own path" tak bole belah~

Whatever it is, glad and grateful to Allah cause give the chance
for me to meet her :D


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