19 Sept: A week more before final exam


Well... Less than 3 weeks, my semester gonna be ended.
Yes. What those mean? off course~ my final exam is around
the corner! haiya~ My preparation just like a damn a** =_="
I should repent... repent iza before its too late. Go to the right path
Read your book...memorize all those sucks physics formulas and
Chemistry equation...

but. still. in front of the laptop tweetering.. blogwalking... facebooking....

sedar lah iza!!  T__T

Whoaaaah! I pray to Allah. May He give me the hardworking and
and determination to cut off my online time. InsyAllah...

Well, by next Monday I gonna si my Understanding Islam paper.
On the following day 27 May: Physics! +____+
and my final paper is on 3rd Oct Chemistry~~

InsyAllah... I will do my best for the sake of my future
and family . aminn! :)

So to all my friends and family...
Please pray for my success...
wish the best for my exam...
Thank you and love you all


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