3 Sept : My Second Sister Reception Day

Alhamdulillah on last Saturday, We held the reception at Batu 5,
Sandakan, Abang Roni's house. Last 31st August is the akad nikah [here]

Our family theme is pink. Okay
repeat. PINK. This is my second time in pink outfit -_-
Abang Roni's family wear kinda grey maybe.

The day went on from 11 am to 5 pm.
We actually doing nothing but eat, karaoke,
and not washing the dishes or mind the things happen
in the kitchen because abang roni's family manage all that
Heeeeh~ nasebla v_v hahaha

And guess what, they don't even hired any photographer
for their wedding and urge me and Kak Fini to be the
photographer! whoaaah! I never handle DSLR before
and I have to be the photographer. So So awkward.
Not even amateur but lower than that I guess. Hahaha

credit: datul

So I was very exhausted that day with Kak Finie
cause we have to captured all the moments during that day

So enjoy some of our photos here :)

credit: abang kiko

credit: Datul
credit: abang roni's nephew

These photos took by Abang Roni's cousin. NICE!


Total photos is actually 700 plus!
Whatever it is, may Allah bless you Kak Tasha and Abang Roni
Happy Wedding :)

P.S: Abang Roni don't like to smile so much =_=

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  1. Wah.
    Kak Tasha..
    U know wat adek kak tasha,
    kak Tasha is my senior at smsld..
    Eheh, plis send my regard to her k..

    Nice picta~~