31 Aug: My 2nd Sis Wedding

Alhamdulillah my second sister, Anastasia A. Ramos finally married without
any obstacles last 2 days on  Eid Fitri and National Day! Merdeka! hahaha :D

Whoah~ Why I look fat in this photo?! =__="

Well, that's my Dad from left, then Kak Ita, Abang Adi (Kak Ita's Husband),
Fizul, Abang Roni (kak Tasha's husband), Kak Tasha, Mom, Kak Finie,
Datul and me.

My Family totally COMPLETE this year alhamdulillah!

the bride

the groom

my new brother! yeah! :)

This was the Majlis Akad Nikah, held in my house
at Taman Airport, Sandakan

The reception day going to be held on this
3rd September, Saturday InsyAllah
at Abang Roni's house.

These are some of the photos during this memorable
and treasured day (taken by me and kak Finie)
Enjoy :')

Kak Ita and Abang Adie

Duck face~ v__v

eye bag =__="

mom :')

Mulut sepesen xD

Kak Tasha and our sweet nieces

May Allah Bless you
Kak Tasha and Abang Roni 
Love you guys

Happy Eid Mubarak

P.S: Aku bila la pulak? Cheit gatal! >.<


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